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Paola Innocenti Malini's Art: Mind's Mirror Images

Paola is born in Genoa (Italy). At the age of 10 she was introduced to oil technique by a family friend, painter Bruno Vignini.
From this moment she never stopped to paint even if during her life she had made different choices of work.
She graduated at liceo scientifico where she studied history of art and then she entered at Università degli studi di Genova
to study medicine for 6 years, but at the end she decided to change career and she started to work in the family restaurant business
and later she owned a restaurant in Genoa and in Mexico where she found the right atmosphere and inspiration
for her art. Later she moved to Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2011 she lives in Tuscany and her main activity is painting.

American artist Charles Brown says about her work:
Paola's work is very expressive in nature, yet quietly introspective. She displays a bold use of color that adds to the dynamism to her subjects
which, though varied in theme, always seem to remind one of whimsy, childhood playfulness of not entirely a dream, like enchantment, reminiscent
of Henri Rousseau or Marc Chagall, yet with an emotional introspection more aligned with the likes of Edvard Munch.
Folk art in style, yet universal by nature.

In 2005 she received a honorable mention of merit from Art Interview magazine international online competition for Dreaming In Sunset.
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